Friday, March 10, 2006

"Sorry, you cannot view this cache listing until it has been published."

This is just a short note to point out an anomaly that I've noticed for some time. Groundspeak returns a few caches in pocket queries with reasonable coordinates and description that later cannot be viewed on the website. They return the "Sorry, you cannot view ..." message. So it appears that either the pocket query generator incorrectly includes them originally, or that it is possible to change the status of a cache from published back to not-yet-reviewed after one receives it in a pocket query.

Here are the examples from my GSAK database that I received in pocket queries between June and October in 2005:

  • GCD456, 51.919883, 4.488217, Manhattan Aan De Maas by Lonny The Blue Randonneur (2/1)

  • GCGBG8, 52.755033, 7.024767, 't Aole Compas (heulemaol verneit) by Team Dauwtrappers (1/1)

  • GCH2AD, 29.766617, -95.346850, DRAWBRIDGES of HOUSTON by PARKERPLUS (2.5/2)

  • GCM8QB, 51.970867, 4.123383, Op weg naar de grote zee (3) by Stekelsteef (1/1)

  • GCMHW7, 34.961300, -81.017017, Cash-in-the-park by Parrolet and son (1.5/1)

  • GCNRRD, 47.352567, -117.804917, Pope George Ringo 1 by Whiskeyriver (1.5/1)

  • GCP75N, 36.197150, -78.857317, Creatures of Hill Forest by paraclete (3/4)

  • GCPKEM, 41.156567, -112.139133, Hooper Cache by low land clan 2 (2/1.5)

  • GCPM6R, 39.740217, -105.140567, Blue Star Memorial by sanru5 (1.5/1)

  • GCPV42, 40.845600, -112.182217, Wreck of the Hesperis by Streight Arrow (1/4.5)

  • GCPVR4, 38.431983, -122.700133, Under the Fair Catalpas by Moozer (2.5/1)

  • GCPXDY, 43.377400, 2.952267, La Capitelle d'Andre by Les Patates Glandoises (1.5/2)

  • GCQ3D9, 39.625917, -75.709667, The Redeemer by NeoGeoATHF (2/2)

  • GCQ599, 39.134233, -106.554017, John's Bright Idea by black_jack (2/4)

  • GCQ939, 44.308417, -79.312617, Jif # 1 by DaisyField & Petals (1/1.5)

This anomaly shows up in my procedures for doing the world scan when I'm manually retrieving the archived caches. It leaves caches in my GSAK database with old 'Last GPX' dates that haven't been archived. It's not a problem for me but it reveals either a bug or a feature in the system. I'm planning on studying the archived caches to model the expected life of a cache.