Thursday, June 15, 2006

World Scan 5 Half Way Point (roughly)

Well, after 227 additional pocket queries, I have 322,811 caches in the database with 4,697,078 logs. Of those caches, 274,194 are currently active. Actually, that many are ones that I haven't proven are archived yet. The new scheme of running the oldest date queries first and then looking at those that have a placed date before the start date of the last run pocket query, a last gpx date before the beginning of the world scan, and are not already archived is working well. GSAK does run slowly with such large databases so I need to be careful of what I run. I'm getting about 90 newly discovered archived caches a day. By the time I finish the 5th world scan sometime in August, I will have all of the caches archived before May identified. About once a week, I run queries to pickup all of the new caches. I can usually keep up to about a week before the current date. With caches placed within the prior week I can't estimate how many caches will be approved by the time the query runs to keep the query count below 500. If any query reaches 500 I have no way of telling how many or which I have missed.


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