Friday, November 18, 2005


Nudecacher created his persona on the geocaching site as an educational tool promoting body acceptance and tolerance toward nudists. Nudecacher is just like any other cacher, except he performs the activities while nude and posts appropriate pictures with his logs to prove it. The Evidence of the success of the effort over the past two and a half years is the good will email communications and support in the geocaching forums that have been received from geocachers all over the world.

Nudecacher has been studying the global geocaching phenomena. This blog will contain random sporadic entries at infrequent intervals. Initial entries are planned to work out estimates of the size and scope of world wide geocaching activities and to contemplate its significance. The Groundspeak site allows premium members to download Pocket Queries containing geocache waypoints to avoid having to manually enter them into their GPS. We'll create strategies to use these to form our estimates.


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